Transatlantik 2006 -  Barcelona - Miami

Crew - Review - Transatlantic Cruise 2006 with the Voyager of the Seas

Kapitän Gerry Larsson-Fedde
Kapitän Gerry Larsson-Fedde
Captain Gerry Larsson-Fedde was born and raised like many other Cruiseship-Captains in Norway, in the wonderful city of Bergen and now living in Tromsø.
With his roundabout 40 years he is one of the younger RCCL-Captains. In 1999 he joined RCCL´s Monarch of the Seas as 1st Officer. Since that time he has served as Captain on both Mariner and Vision and now considers Voyager to be his second home. He lives for his job but also for his second love, the music.
The passengers had the chance to hear him playing gitar and singing in the pub and also at the end of the Farewell-Show.
Hoteldirector Jean Claude Salvadero was born in the South of France and started as a 16-year old boy in the restaurant buisiness. He´s proud to have worked for RCCL for the past 18 years and loves making new friends and working with the divers groups in his team.
Cruisedirector Graham Seymour was born and grew up on a farm in the Southeast of England. He has been at sea for 16 years and having tried different jobs before entertaining. He has a great passion for humor and music, and recently recorded a CD.
The International Ambassador Guy Van den Berghe from Belgium speaks many different languages: spanish (without any accent), german, dutch, english and french. He takes care of the non-english speaking guests and is doing an excellent job. He´s also making the announcements at noon, translating the Captains speech into the different languages.
The Food & Beverage Manager is Melroy Antao. Before joining Royal Caribbean International he worked at several prestigious restaurants and hotels began his career with RCI in 1987. He was promoted to his present position of Food and Beverage Manager in 2001.
The Executive Chef Franz Litzner was born in Austria but today lives in Brisbane, Australia. After completing his Chef diploma het started his career with Holland America Line. He then worked in Switzerland, England and Channel Islands before pursing a career in teaching Professional Cookery and Hospitality Management in England and Australia. Franz succesfully competed in three Culinary Olympics and other international competitions winning numerous medals including Gold at the Culinary Olympics. After working at the Sydney Olympics as Executive Sous Chef he joined Royal Caribbean in 2002.
Phillipa Lyder, Loyalty Ambassador comes from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. After graduation she began a career in Marketing and Public Relations in the entertainment and hospitality industry. After a three year contract of working with the Government she wanted to broaden her horizons and she left her home and set sail on a Royal journey which, five years later brought her to the Voyager of the Seas as Loyalty Ambassador and Future Cruise Consultant.
The medical staff
medical staff
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