pictures of the Radiance of the Seas

Deck 5:
Cascades Dining Room Cascades Dining Room
Additional entrances to the Cascades Dining Room. Opposite is the Internet-Cafe with 6 Terminals and 1 printer. Some more additional seating around the lobby, Latte- tudes- Coffeebar, entrance to the perfume shop, a shopping arcade to some more stores with different commodities, like logo-wear, shirts, cigarettes, alcohol. In the center is an open area for special sales. Further ahead we find the shops for jewelry, fashion jewelry, sunglasses, bags and evening wear. A passage leads to the photo-gallery, along the desk from the Discover Shopping Guide, an Art-gallery with different exhibits for the art-auctions, and plenty of beautiful sculptures (not for the auctions), like many others throughout the whole ship.
Internet-Cafe Aurora Theater
Conference- Center: two entrances, two different rooms, very sober furnished. Aurora Theater over two floors, the stage for the main evening shows, but also for lectures about Hawaii and for the so called "Captains Corner", a question and answer hour with the Master and 3 officers. Good visibility from almost every seat in the theater, but due to us, the sound was often too loud.

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