pictures of the Radiance of the Seas

Deck 6:
Schooner Bar Colony Club
Deck 6: On the left side is the entrance to the Schooner Bar - serves also as the passage to Colony Club, to Portofino and Chops Grille (both seat about 90 guests), with several armchairs and couches in leather. Attentive barservice, a bar piano player, different music styles. Unfortunately the bar was not well visited. Being there in the evening we were wondering where all the passengers were. But we have to admit, that we have hardly been out longer than 11pm. Entering the Colony Club we find two Pool- Billard Tables, which were very popular. The Furniture is English Colonial style, some consider it cosy, others rather somber. Colony Club is used for Captain's reception, Bingo, dance-events and - classes and more. At the end there is a bar with big panorama windows and a wonderful view over the stern.
Chops Grille Casino
Casino - entrance on the right hand side of the atrium in direction towards the theater. Like all casinos loud and full of cigarette smoke as smoking is not prohibited there. On the left hand side is the entrance to the sportsbar with spectacular plasma screens as well as the entrance to the cinema with 60 seats equipped with a large screen and good sound system. Im sorry to say, that we never found the time to watch a movie. Back in the atrium is the Champagnebar, in a less good location than on the Splendour of the Seas (on deck 4). During the day frequented by many reading passengers.

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